Plaque 10

Plaque 10 - Grattan

Plaque 10 is on Bank Street, outside Ladbrokes

This plaque is sponsored by Grattan

Grattan sponsor Marking Bradford Beck

Under our city lies

A misused, abused stream

P10 Situ 160509

Look up-hill from this plaque, and you can just see a corner of the former Wool Exchange. On 9th August 1864 Lord Palmerston, the Prime Minister at the time, laid the foundation stone of the building. It was to be the hub of Bradford’s wool trade until the 1960’s by which time the city’s world-renowned position as ‘Worstedopolis’ had all but ended. Nowadays the Wool Exchange building provides a beautiful location for a branch of Waterstones bookshop.

Beneath your feet

Bradford Beck underground at Plaque 12
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