Plaque 1 sponsored by Bradford Live

Bradford Beck, our beck, runs unseen beneath the very heart of Bradford.  Some cities have managed to bring their hidden streams back
into the daylight. Unfortunately in central Bradford, the Beck runs mostly under buildings so “daylighting” the beck is not an easy option. However, if we can’t see the Beck, a good start is to know where it is.

We have marked the Beck’s route through the city centre with 15 plaques in the pavement.  Each plaque carries a couplet from a poem about the Beck.  The first plaque is at the side of the old Odeon cinema, soon to be “Bradford Live” and as you walk the route, you follow the flowing Beck across the city centre. The map shows where you can find the plaques in Bradford’s pavements.

               There are several ways to take the tour:

  •      You can go to the Beck Poem below, where each couplet in the poem will take you to its plaque.
  •      If you prefer to walk with paper in your hand, scroll down and print off a walk guide.
Thanks to our sponsors and supporters