FOBB Monogram 3 TRansparent Background SmallWe are Friends of Bradford’s Becks, a growing group of people who believe that the city’s urban becks can be an asset Bradford.

We are local residents and ecologists keen to see the restoration of the Bradford Beck river system.  Damage to the Beck system began in the Industrial Revolution and continued into this decade.  Our activities aim to bring the Beck back to life and good health. The Beck can give nature a foothold and bring charm and interest to this heavily built-up urban area.

One of our sub-groups has worked tenaciously to bring the “Marking the Beck” project to fruition. Other people have contributed too: poets, sculptors, readers, manufacturing and sound engineers, academics and photographers.

Our other work includes developing walks along the Beck, tackling invasive species and organising litterpicks.  We recently completed a project studying Urban Diffuse Pollution and we also have an education project under-way.

FoBB's installation crew.
Our engineers

Want to know more about these projects or get involved?  Visit our Friends of Bradford Beck website and our Bradford Beck Facebook group as well as a Facebook group dedicated to this Marking Bradford Beck project.

Our ‘parent’ organisation The Aire Rivers Trust co-ordinates a wide range of activity along the whole of the River Aire and its tributaries.

Please contact us to get involved or share any ideas.

Culverting the Beck to make more building space 1947.

Culverting the Beck to make more building space 1947.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters