Pat Walls
Pat Walls working on a plaque

FoBB was lucky to obtain the services of Holmfirth based sculptor, Pat Walls, to undertake the difficult task of carving the plaques. Pat is no stranger to large scale public commissions.

After graduating in 1992 he moved to Hong Kong, working as an artist producing abstract and figurative works for corporate clients throughout Asia. He also spent 18 months living, working and exhibiting in Sydney until returning to the UK in 2000. Pat then looked to sculpture for a new challenge in a different medium. This was a successful decision and today his work can be seen in the UK and as far away as Auckland, New Zealand.

As well as carving our plaques Pat also designed the fish and arrow roundel found on every plaque. “I was really interested in the project from the start,” says Pat “ and the concept of a sequential series of stones marking the route of the beck appealed to me. I enjoy letter cutting and this project was a challenge. The opportunity to produce a series of controlled intricate carvings is a welcome balance to the large scale sculptures that I carve from blocks of rough stone at the quarry.”

Explore Pat’s work further on his website.

We would like to thank Colin Higgins for his permission to use all the photos of Pat throughout the site.

Installing the Plaques

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