Plaque 4

Marking Bradford Beck Plaque 4, sponsored by British Land

Plaque 4 at the bottom of Miller Gate, a cul-de-sac off Aldermanbury.


This plaque is sponsored by

British Land

Spectral Saxon elders

Mourn memory of trout

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British Land sponsors Marking Bradford Beck

This plaque is over the beck by where a corn mill stood. It was a feudal soke mill, which meant that the Lord of the Manor had the right to demand that his tenants grind their corn at his mill. Records show fines for people grinding their corn elsewhere. The Beck was economically vital to Bradford long before the industrial revolution.

Look through the tunnel, and you can see City Park. The park cost £24 million, mainly paid for by the council and is a gathering place for many. The artificial lake constantly changes shape and size. Thus, water continues to contribute to city life.

Beneath your feet

Bradford Beck underground at Plaque 4

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