Plaque 6

Marking Bradford Beck Plaque 6 - dedicated to The 56 who died in the Bradford City fire

Plaque 6 is by the seats.


This plaque is dedicated to

The 56 who died in the fire at

Bradford City FC in 1985

Disregarded water

In gothic vaults encased

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From here there is also a view of the magnificent City Hall, opened in 1873. Clearly visible from the street, statues of Britain’s monarchs are mounted around the walls. To mark that Bradford’s leading families supported the Parliamentarian side during the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell is included in the line-up. Cromwell’s atrocities in Ireland meant that over 200 years later on the day of his statue’s placement, the usual Irish labourers working on the building, lest the statue be “accidentally” dropped and smashed, were replaced with English workmen.

Beneath your feet

Underground at Plaque 06-07 - MarkingBradfordBeck

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