Plaque 7

Marking Bradford Beck Plaque 7, sponsored by Cinderella Club

Plaque 7 is on Tyrell St, across from the seats.


This plaque is sponsored by

Bradford Cinderella Club

Culverted, covered

Forced underground, hidden

Plaque 7 Location
Cinderella Club sponsors Marking Bradford Beck

Here, if this were 1800, you would be standing on a bridge looking down on the Beck. You are near the bottom of Ivegate, one of Bradford’s oldest streets. The ending of the street name has nothing to do with gates: it derives from the Danish word gata, which simply means “street”. The Yorkshire dialect was strongly influenced by Danish invaders and settlers who had their capital at Jorvik (York) before the Norman invasion.

Beneath your feet

Underground at Plaque 06-07 - MarkingBradfordBeck

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