CD 02

On CD: all the entries to our poetry competition.

The readers were auditioned and selected for their local accents. Grey Glove’s high quality production values will surely make this an iconic collectors’ item.

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In February 2015 the Friends of Bradford’s Becks ran a competition for a fifteen line poem to be carved, a line at a time, on the fifteen pavement plaques marking the underground course of the Bradford Beck.

Having chosen our worthy winner we wondered what to do with the other entries. The overall standard of writing was so high that we wanted to give them an audience. Our first solution is the anthology Beck, published by the New Fire Tree Press. The second is this recording of all the poems read by a rich texture of Bradford voices including those of the poets themselves.

The readings  were all expertly recorded at Bradford’s own BCB studios by local production company Gray Glove. The final CD, Marking the Bradford Beck, is a delight: a wonderful celebration of contemporary Bradford with passion for the Beck shining through.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters