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P8 Rimmington 1Plaque 8 is sponsored by Rimmington’s Pharmacy an institution that’s as much a part of Bradford as the Beck itself.  Rimmington’s can be found just round the corner in Bridge Street, it’s elegant façade unchanged over the years.  The present dedicated owners are lovingly preserving the heritage whilst running a thoroughly modern pharmacy.

The business was founded in 1842 by Felix Rimmington on his return from London where he had worked for Queen Victoria’s personal chemist.  As his business grew so did his interest in forensics and pathology and by 1855 he was being regularly called as a witness in murder cases.  This lead to one of his most famous cases, that of ‘Humbug Billy’ a market trader who killed 20 people and made hundreds sick with arsenic laced lozenges.

More information can be had from Rimmington’s website, but why not support this valuable piece of Bradford’s heritage, pop in with your prescription and ask for a copy of the leaflet that gives Felix’s life in detail.

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