The poem links the plaques, a couplet carved into each one.

This wonderfully evocative piece was written by Jane Callaghan – read about Jane and the competition.

Click on a line to take you to the relevant plaque.

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You can also buy a CD of all of the entries for £5 plus £1 p&p. Click here to place your order.

Reading credits: 1-2 Emily Bland, 3-4 Shazia Ashram, 5-6 Bob Mark, 7-8 Irene Lofthouse, 9-10 Deborah Redfearn, 11-12 Sara Dixon, 13-14 Eddie Lawler, 15-16 Ahmer Bashir, 17-18 Tony Emmott, 19-20 Charlotte Murie,            21-22 Lelsley Bruce, 23-24 Ann Morgan, 25-26 Shamim Akhtar, 27-28 Ed Butterworth, 29-30 Jane Callaghan.

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